why i should become a writer

Is it worth to become a writer? – Absolutely YES & NO! Of course it is worth the risk to put yourself out there, to write, to publish & to publicise. However, please, please, please don’t give up your day job, just yet. Since this time last year I have written & published 4 books, (3 fiction and 1 none-fiction), plus several of my short stories.

What inspires you to be a writer? – But there are other, more subtle reasons that inspire us to write which we don’t realize at times, that come with being human and living among people: A story we heard while in line at the supermarket. A wrinkly hand of the mother that reminds us that the time together is limited.

Is writing a good career in 2021? – Freelance writing is here to stay, and it’s still the best way to build a business for yourself quickly in 2021 and beyond.

Is writing a good career in 2022? – It’s a highly lucrative writing career. As a freelance writer, you may be wondering what are the hottest writing jobs in demand in 2022? Besides content creation, which is a rapidly growing field, there is another highly lucrative writing industry on the rise. And that is copywriting.

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