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Can anybody be a writer? – It has been believed for many decades that you are either born a writer or not. The truth is, anyone can become a writer. With that being said, you want to remember that it does not happen overnight. Even the best writers had to start somewhere before they became successful.

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How do writers dress? – Intellectual writers appear classy and elegant in formal attire, and they often wear glasses. On the other hand, artistic writers appear mysterious and often wear blazers, sunglasses, and long scarves. No matter which you choose, try to read books in public as often as you can.

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Is writing a gift? – Ultimately, written expression is a gift that needs to be encouraged. And it’s a skill that can be practiced anywhere, by anyone, at any time. The thing to remember is that what links the two and makes for a truly successful writer is passion –the passion to hone writing as a skill, and then make it your very own!

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Is a journal a good gift? – Journals are almost a universally appealing gift. Writers and artists love them. Journal writing can also be beneficial to anyone’s mental health. The next time you have a gift-giving need, consider a journal to fill it.

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