Telecommunications Engineering homework help

COMM 1400
Fall 2020
Assignment #4, PR Case Study Assignment
Total Points: 20 points
Due: Friday 11/25/2020 by 1:15 pm in the dropbox
• Students will utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills to explore recent
topics in Public Relations. (ACEJMC Value 7)
• To acquaint students with current events in Public Relations to order to seen
how the course content relates to the real world of PR.
Students will review 2 separate case studies about public relations campaigns. The
reviews will include written summaries of the articles and an analysis of they relate to
the information discussed in the course readings, PowerPoint presentations, and
online discussions.
You may choose case studiesfrom any of the following websites but make sure you
select a study that has enough information for you to complete the assignment. You
should also do a follow-up on the organization/campaign to see if it isstill active or to
get more information about the case:
The assignment will be posted on the discussion board in D2L. Any assignment
posted after the due date/time will receive up to ½ credit (10 points) for one week.
After that week, the assignment will not be accepted for credit.
• The first line of the review should contain the student’s name and the assignment
number and the due date.
• The review should contain a complete correct citation in APA format at the
beginning of the review for each of the case studiesreviewed.
• Grammar counts! This is an excellent opportunity to improve your writing while
honing (or in some cases developing) your analytical skills.
• Do not attach a file to the discussion board. Post the review in the content area of
the discussion. Please edit your response once it is posted to correct any


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