Telecommunications Engineering homework help

Open book and open notes exam. The use of quiz and HW solutions is not allowed. 2. Search for the answers in Internet is not allowed 3. There is a Formula Sheet at the end of the test. 4. Read all problems thoroughly. Information on other questions may help you with the question you are working on. 5. JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWERS: SHOW ALL WORK in the space provided. For short answer questions add short comments to justify your answer. Give units! NO partial credit is given if work is not shown. 6. Write legibly, your answer will be considered wrong if I can’t read it. Work in a sequential and organized manner. 7. Be specific and concise in your answers. No essays! You will lose points if you write something wrong. 8. If you think that something is wrong and/or you need additional information in any of the problems justify your case and proceed by making appropriate assumptions. 9. You have 150 minutes to complete this exam. Utilize your time wisely.


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