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Download the following Excel Spreadsheet:

  1. Chapter 8, Problem 6Preview the document
  2. Chapter 8, Problem 18Preview the document
  3. Chapter 8, Problem 25Preview the document
  4. Chapter 8, Problem 39Preview the document
  5. Chapter 8, Problem 42Preview the document
  6. Chapter 8, Problem 44Preview the document

Data and instructions included with spreadsheets.

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  • Refer to Assignments and Grading for information on homework requirements, deadline, and grading rubric.
    • Homework problems are located in the text with the homework assignment.
    • Answer all questions in the text for each homework problem.
    • Use the  Report TemplatePreview the document to perform an in-depth analysis of the problem.
    • Follow the directions on the template and utilize the proper report format shown in the template file.

EXCEPTION:  For Unit 5 Assignment the requirement for analysis length as stated in the template is modified to the following:

  • Analysis for each problem should be no more than 2-paragraphs in length.
  • Analysis should be as detailed as possible.
  • Analysis of each chart created will have an analysis of the chart, what the DATA means (not a description of the chart)
  • Use the  Report TemplatePreview the document for the analysis for each problem
    • Do Not provide a background OR a recommendation section for this assignment
    • Use the Analysis and Findings section to identify each problem, followed by a 2 paragraph analysis:

Problem 6:
The chart indicates…….

  • Students MUST combine all analyses on ONE Report Template.
  • If the problem has an Excel spreadsheet accompanying the assignment, you MUST submit BOTH the Excel file and a completed Report Template with your analysis and recommendations.
  • If the assignment has multiple Excel files, you may combine the analysis of all Excel files into a single Report Template.  However, ensure you identify each problem with each analysis.
  • All Excel files and Reports MUST be submitted as a single upload to your grade book.
    • i.e. if there are three Excel files, you must complete all three Excel files
    • Complete a Report using the template.  You may combine the analysis as stated above.
    • Submit all three Excel files AND the combined Report Template to your grad book.
  • Analysis should demonstrate the student’s interpretation of the data based on the information in the corresponding chapter of the text, and their own critical thinking/intuitive skills. Creative thinking and assumptions are allowed, and encouraged, to fully analyze the data.
  • Analysis of the data in the charts must be separately submitted in a Word document.
  • If the problem is in Excel format, students must answer the questions in the text as a foundation for a detailed analysis of the chart and accompanying data.
    • Analysis/interpretation of the data in the charts is required.
    • Do not describe the chart, rather interpret what the chart is displaying based on the data.
    • Be specific in your analysis of the chart, and incorporate the material into your answer.



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