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Homework Set 11: The following set of problems either taken from lecture notes or from the book: “SIMIO
and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis and Application”, by Smith, Sturrock and Kelton, Kenneth N., 4th ed.
2017. Answer the questions below in MS Excel and SIMIO. Upload your MS Excel Workbooks (*.xlsx
extension) and SIMIO Project Files (*.spfx extension) in Blackboard.
Homework 1: HW_7_06 in the book
a) Develop the simulation model where staff scheduled patient arrivals once every 10 minutes.
Develop an experiment with response variables evaluating the number of patients seen, the average
waiting time of patients and the total time the doctor has to stay. This problem is worth 2 points
in terms of Effort.
b) Add a schedule to the patient arrival table in the simulation “HW_7_06.spfx” where (i) 2 patients are
scheduled every 20 minutes, (ii) another schedule where 3 patients are scheduled every 20 minutes
and (iii) another schedule where 1 patient is scheduled every 9 minutes. Add a reference property
“ArrivalTimeProperty” to the experiment and run 4 scenarios, the first one using the schedule
under question (a) and the other three scenarios using the three scheduling methods (i), (ii) and
(iii) above. Run the Experiment for 500 Replications. This problem is worth 2 point in terms of
c) What are your conclusions based on the analysis result under b? This problem is worth 1
point in terms of Effort.
Homework 2: HW_7_07 in the book
a) Download the simulation “Model 7_2.spfx” and add a “Severe_to_Urgent” Patient to the “PatienData”
Table. Save the file as “HW_7_07.spfx”. Add a “Real” Column called “HW_7_07_MIX” and set the
percentages to the percentages provided in Homework 7-07 from the book. Add to the Sequence
Column the info for “Severe_To_Urgent” patients in the “Treatment_Table” while setting the
treatment time distributions of the “Severe_To_Urgent” patients in the Trauma and Treatment
Rooms equal to those of the “Urgent” patients. This problem is worth 1 points in terms of Effort.
b) Add reference property “Patient_Mix” to the Experiment of “Homewor_7_07.spfx” and add a
Scenario to the experiment called “HW_7_07_Mix”, change the Patient Mix to that of HW_7_07. Add a
Response Variable for the W (Time in System) and the Througput (Number of Patients server per
hour) and rerun the experiment for 100 replications. Save the simulation model as “HW_7_07.spfx”.
This problem is worth 1 point in terms of Effort.
c) Copy the workbook “Steady State Calculation Model 7_2.xlsx” and name it workbook “Steady State
Calculation HW 7_07.xlsx . In this new workbook copy the worksheet “Model 7-2” and rename this
sheet “HW_7_07”. Modify the worksheet HW_7_07 by setting the patient mix percentages to the
percentages in HW_7_07 at each of the servers “SIGNIN”, “REGISTRATION”, ‘EXAM ROOM”,
TRAUMA ROOM” and “TREATMENT ROOM and re-evaluate the Steady State Results for their
utilizations. This problem is worth 1 point in terms of Effort.
d) Compare the steady results for the new patient mix in the worksheet “HW_7_07” to the scenario
results in SIMIO using SMORE plots and also compare the results using the HW_7_07 patient mix to
the original patient mix of Model 7-2. What are your conclusions? This problem is worth 1
point in terms of Effort.


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