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Final Assignment
This assignment gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that you can identify sociological concepts and apply sociological theory to the social world around you.
Assignment meets the following course objectives:

  • Apply a sociological perspective to the social world
  • Analyze contemporary social issues using the sociological imagination and use sociological theories and concepts to analyze everyday life.
  • Support your perspective by providing evidence based resources that address your findings.

This assignment is unique so read the instructions carefully.  
Below are specific assignment requirements.
Write a five page paper that MUST include these components:

  • Pre-Coronavirus we met in the classroom for our course instruction. Now, we meet through Zoom classroom. A tremendous change occurred during this semester due to Covid19, however your position as a ‘student’ remained intact.  You have experienced changes that have affected your social environment, including those of your family and friends, as well. This is and will be a memorable event in your life. 
  • Your task for this assignment is to identify your experience in your home, work, and or school and identify Sociological concepts and apply Sociological theory to the situation. 
  • Identifying, defining and analyzing these elements will give you an opportunity to explain in Sociological terms the social world around you at this moment in your life. 
  • Demonstrate through your presentation and final essay that you can identify, define and analyze your on social environment in clear and concise terms. 
  • Apply Sociological terminology to define and analyze your findings
  1.  Identify your social environment (home, work, Zoom online courses)
  2.  What are the details of the environment?
  3.  Describe the general context of the social environment(time of day, lighting, sounds, vibe/energy, etc.).
  4.  Describe the people around you and their sociodemographic characteristics (age, race/ethnicity, gender/sex, socioeconomic status, etc.)

Identify two or more social norms that people engaged in this social environment  

  • A norm is a social rule. There are many norms that help to frame how we are supposed to behave in our daily lives, one example is gender norms (what are social rules we follow to ‘be masculine’ and to ‘be feminine’); another example is standing in line (consider what would happen if you cut everyone in line at 8am in a Starbucks?).


  • How do these norms you observed in the scene fit with sociological concepts and theories you have learned in class? 
    • Some examples of sociological concepts we’ve learned about so far include gender roles and emotional labor. (What is a “sociological concept?” They are all the concepts we’ve been learning each week in our course materials such as “socialization,” “norms” and “folkways.”)


  • Reflect on your experience. How was observing others through a “sociological lens” different from when you’ve “people watched” in the past?
  • What perspectives do you think a sociologist can bring to our understanding of everyday human behavior?

Writing Requirements
Paper must be academically written, edit paper prior to submission for grammatical, spelling and content correctness.

  • Submit your paper in Word doc. Or PDF format, on Canvas Assignment Tab, Assignment Three

1. Submit a six (6) page document that will include cover sheet(page one) and reference page(page six).
2. The identification of sociological concepts must be written clearly and concisely.
3. Check your writing prior to submission.  Review and edit if necessary. Points will be deducted for typos, spelling and grammatical errors!
4. Last Page-References, APA formatting
5. Use 12 point font, simple font preferably, One inch margins. Double space.
6. Submit assignment as required by due date/time.

  • attachment



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