Sociology homework help

For this assignment, write a   3-page paper in APA-format which addresses the following topics related to a country listed.
Choose one of the following countries:  United Kingdom, China, France, Brazil, Israel, or United Arab Emirates.
You are allowed to use appropriate resources such as your book, information from prior courses, briefs or white papers from the “think-tanks” listed at the bottom of the module section, peer-reviewed articles from journals such as Health Affairs, JAMA, NEJM, Lancet, etc.
Your paper should provide a brief introduction to the country, 3-5 major issues related to the provision of healthcare in that country, and any recommendations you might have to improve upon healthcare delivery for that country.
Text book: Fried, BJ and Gaydos, LM. (2012). World Health Systems: Challenges & Perspectives (2nd Ed.). ISBN: 978-1-56793-420-5
US Healthcare Think-Tanks
Below are lists of DC-based think tanks that have commented extensively on healthcare.
I’ve tried to give you some that are viewed “inside the beltway” as “conservative”, “liberal”, and some that are more prone to examine the issues from a fiscal/budgetary/libertarian perspective.
“Conservative” – Heritage, AEI, Heartland
“Liberal” – Brookings, CAP, KFF
“Fiscal/Libertarian” – Cato, Concord


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