Sociology homework help

To Prepare:
Review the Learning Resources for this week and consider the social-ecological model when working with a variety of clients.
Create a section in your Social Change Portfolio called “Part 2: Social-ecological Model” and include the following information:
Regarding Prescription Drug Overdose, describe risk AND protective factors at the individual, peer, family, school, community/cultural levels according to the social-ecological model.
Post a link to your updated Social Change Portfolio with the completed “Part 2: Social-ecological Model”
Be sure to support the content in your portfolio with specific references to the Learning Resources and identify current relevant literature to support your work.
Learning Resources
Required Readings
Swearer, S. M., & Hymel, S. (2015). Understanding the psychology of bullying: Moving toward a social-ecological diathesis-stress model. American Psychologist, 70(4), 344-353.
American Mental Wellness Association: Risk and Protective Factors. Retrieved from:
Required Media
Walden Scholars of Change (2015). Healing our minds, bodies, and families. [Video]. Baltimore, MD: Producer.


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