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1. Summarize what Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is. You will need to read and directly quote from the pdf, made available on eRacer, called MTD reading. The pdf is a copy of the summary of Christian Smith and Melinda Denton’s (the two sociologists) findings. 1 Christian Smith and Melinda Lundquist Denton, Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers (Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 2009), 166. (This book is available for check out in the TLU library.) ASSIGNMENT FAST FACTS Due date: midnight, Monday, December 14th Grade Worth: 25% of total grade in course Graded out of: 100 points (see rubric below) Format: Times New Romans 12pt font, double-spaced, 4-6 pages long Note: On your previous papers I’ve given you detailed notes indicating why I gave you the indicated grade, along with suggestions for improvement. Since my aim is for your development as a writer and thinker beyond this class, I will gladly do so again on this paper. However, because this takes a significant toll on my time, I only wish to do so if these comments will be read and appreciated. Therefore, please indicate if you wish me to provide you with comments on your graded rubric by indicating so at the top of your submitted paper. I will not provide comments on papers that do not request it. THEO 133 Final Paper Instructions (instead of Final Exam) 2 a. Note: At a minimum, you need to summarize the three main aspects of MTD: moralistic, therapeutic, and deism. (Hint: it would make sense to organize the paragraphs of your paper around these three themes.) b. If you wish, you may also briefly mention in the introduction and/or conclusion whether or not you think this description of the predominant beliefs amongst youth in the U.S. still pertains. Briefly describe what you think the predominant belief is, and cite some evidence to back your claims. However, you should still use the description of MTD to contrast with the material we have covered in this class (see below). 2. Compare and contrast MTD with the theological material we have covered in class. The majority of your analysis should make reference to material we have covered in class, especially in Units I and II. However, you may also engage relevant theological sources that we did not cover. a. Again, you should allow the main three tenets of MTD (or the religious belief you have made a case for as the most widespread today) to guide this section. What sources of theology (scripture, tradition, reason, etc.) and doctrines of theology (e.g. Christology, Trinity, pneumatology, sin, faith, grace) challenge the notion of simple “moralism”, that all Christians need to do is ‘be nice’? Similarly, what aspects of theology challenge the notion of “therapeutic”, that the purpose of Christian life is to “feel good”, and the notion of “deism”, that God is a distant divine being who rarely interferes in human affairs? You may find that there are other more general contrasts worth mentioning. (For example, does MTD tend to rely largely on a particular source of theology at the exclusion of others?) Format & Length: ➢ Write your paper in Times New Romans 12pt font, double-spaced, 4-6 pages long. ➢ Only put your student ID number at the top (in the heading would be good). You do not need to put any other details. Citation: While you may opt to engage in some outside reading and research to complete this paper, this isn’t a research paper. You should only have to cite either the MTD reading and material we have covered in class. You may use Chicago style format or whatever formatting style you see fit. Just be neat and consistent. If you directly quote or mention a bible verse please simply cite as follows (Genesis 1:1).


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