Social Science homework help

For your final assignment, you will use the concepts in our class to look at your own cultural ideologies, practices, and patterns through the lens of anthropology. You will produce a five paragraph informative essay (750-100 words) that looks at THREE forms of social organization in our culture. You will need to correctly identify the pattern and dynamics in each form of social organization, implementing key terms and ethnographic description. For each form of social organization, you will use ONE fieldwork method conducted in your home to support your claim.
Select three of the following forms of social organization: 

  • Subsistence
  • Economies
  • Political Organization
  • Social Stratification and Identity – Race/Ethnicity
  • Social Stratification and Identity Gender/Sex/Sexuality
  • Kinship and Marriage
  • Religion

For each aspect of social organization that you discuss in your essay, you will need to apply ONE of the following anthropological methods. You may use each of the following ONLY ONCE, and you should be able to accomplish your “fieldwork” in the comfort and safety of your own home.

  1. Photos – The photos should be taken by you!
  2. Interview – Your interview does not need to be lengthy. You just need to get an insider perspective from your study subject.
  3. Participant Observation – Take notes while you observe!


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