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Describe the background and history of your chosen concentration area. You should use at least 3 scholarly sources for this section, which can include your textbook and other research articles.  Informal webpages will not count as scholarly sources! All information that you get from another source needs to be cited in APA format to avoid plagiarism.  Review APA format here!
Describe which professional organizations exist within your chosen area, any relevant conferences or professional certifications, and how to find them.  This section should also include citations for your information, and can include citations from national or international organization websites as needed (please make sure you use correct APA format to cite the website).
For your final project, research one of the career paths/concentration areas in Exercise Science and present your findings in a formal paper.
Are there any Graduate School or Professional School opportunities that students can pursue in this area?  This section should also include citations for your information!
What employment opportunities are available?
Why did you pick this career path?  How does this align with your personal and professional goals?  How will being a part of this exercise science degree get you to your career goal?
Write a 3-4 page paper answering the above questions.  Papers should be typed, in Times New Roman size 12 font, and double-spaced.
Any information that is used from an outside source should be cited, using appropriate APA citations in text and at the end of your Paper in the References section.  Please don’t cite the class Powerpoints, use the textbook as your citation.


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