Reading homework help

Assignment: Type up an essay on one of two prompts and submit the final draft online.
Choose only one topic:
1. Symbols are important in Fahrenheit 451. Identify 3 symbols and analyze their references and meanings throughout the novel.
2. Illustrate how each of Montag’s three mentors – a new mentor for each part of the novel – help to spur Montag’s ideological progression.
This is the final draft of your individual research paper essay.
1. Essay must be 7-8 pages typed, not including the works cited page.
2. Essay must follow MLA format.
3. Research must include a minimum of 8 sources, 4 of which must be from Library Databases: Proquest, CQ Researcher, Infotrac, Opposing Viewpoints, etc.
4. Essay must have a complete Works Cited page that cross references correctly to all in-text citations.
Note: Please submit your document with YOUR last name first. (Example: Schilf-Research-Paper-Final-Draft.pdf)
Format: Follow the BASIC OUTLINE TEMPLATE ( i have already done this part and attached pictures)
A. Introduction: Type up an Introduction with an opening strategy (OS) that grabs the readers attention using a story based example (PE, OPE, HYPO, CS, or HYPO/COMBO) that also supports your chosen topic. End the Intro with the Thesis Statement. (Limit 1 to 2 paragraphs)
B. Body: Present the analysis position through 3 topic points. Type up the topic sentence and bullet point the evidence (in this case, only quotes from the primary source material). A minimum of 3 quotes for support are needed for each topic point. Ideally, you provide 4 or 5 supporting quotes
C. Quoting: Avoid long quotes. Instead, be concise with quoting. You want quotes that are short, dynamic, and memorable. You will still need to set up quotes with a signal phrase that sets up the context of the quote.
D. Analysis: Never assume that the quote itself is self-explanatory. You must respond to each quote with your Original Voice (ROV) to illustrate, explain, compare, contrast, identify, analyze, etc. Do not simply restate the quote in your own words. Your response needs to go deeper.
F. Conclusion: Type up a Conclusion that revisits the opening strategy story based example. (Limit to 1 paragraph)
G. Format: Essay must follow MLA format with a Works Cited page that cross references correctly to all in-text citations.
H. Length: Essay should be 3 to 4 pages typed.
Note: Please submit your document with YOUR last name first. (Example: Schilf-Fahrenheit-451-Final-Essay.pdf)
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