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Finding Your Purpose
Be sure you respond to all five prompts and complete the reference page in this document before submitting.
Consider how what you have learned throughout the course will impact your future. Explain how to find your purpose by answering the following questions. Include citations and references from the topic study materials.

  1. Summarize the concept of missio Dei (missional purpose).

Your answer in 100-150 words:

  1. Summarize Buechner’s concept of finding your purpose and explain how this aligns with the way you live out your worldview (missional purpose).

Your answer in 100-150 words:

  1. Reflect on your beliefs about origins (creational purpose) and describe how those beliefs contribute to your understanding of human purpose.

Your answer in 100-150 words:

  1. Describe how Jesus’s statement of overarching purpose in the commandment to love God and love others as ourselves can be lived in and out of the workplace.

Your answer in 100-150 words:

  1. Describe how your future career can be an opportunity to help others flourish, to be purposeful, and to do no harm.

Your answer in 100-150 words:




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