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Please see attachment for R/CID model; also I have included the chapter text in case the links don’t work
This assignment relates to the information you read regarding the R/CID Model.
Reflect upon the information presented in the chapter about the R/CID Model in this week’s coursework.  Clients of color or those in other marginalized groups such as LGBT, women, the disabled and so on, all experience stages of identity development.   As a future counselor, what are you most concerned about within yourself as you think about working with clients of diverse groups and each of the stages in the R/CID Model?  What feelings do you anticipate you might have that could be problematic in your work with one or more of these clients?
This assignment should be no more and no less than 2 pages of text, double spaced.  The more you reflect, the more you will become aware of within yourself.  This is an important aspect of your growth as a culturally competent counselor.   Cite and source if/where appropriate.
Textbook Citation: Sue, D.W.S. D. (2015). Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from
These links are pages from the chapter in the textbook related to this assignment
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