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PSY2230 Stress and Its Management
Assignment 2: Target Behavior Report
 Instructions and Rubric
Dr. Kristen Lee
Target Behavior Report  (20% of total grade) week five– You will reflect critically upon your targeted behavioral goals and learning within the first half of the course. The paper should use APA style, and be 6-8 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font Times New Roman.
This paper will allow you to demonstrate what you have learned about stress management. First, choose at least 4-6 of the following assessments that you find most pertinent:

  • Assess your stress (page 17)
  • Symptoms of stress (page 18)
  • Perceived stress scale (pages 19-20)
  • Inventory of college students’ recent life experiences (page 21)
  • Ardell wellness stress (page 22)
  • Student stress scale (page 24)
  • Stress vulnerability questionnaire (page 25)
  • Tombstone test (page 26)

Next, pick two targeted behavioral change to track progress. For example, you may wish to add more sleep or more exercise to your routines, or reduce the amount of fast food you eat. You may want to join a new social group, or start practicing meditation. You will select two areas to work at. You will keep a running journal during weeks two and three on each respective goal.
Your write-up will consist of the following:

  • Part 1: Introduction/Results of learning and assessments: Discuss key learning in first half of course, including a summary of key concepts and definitions that have impacted you thus far. Next, describe the specific assessments you chose, rationale behind your choice, and a summary of what you uncovered. Discuss your results. Did they surprise you? Do you agree or disagree? What was the overall impact? Finally, discuss your targeted behavioral change. What did you identify? How did you measure it? How did this impact your behaviors?
  • Part 2: Target behaviors: Describe the two target goals, how you measured them, and what your results were. Discuss what interfered or helped facilitate your goals. Be sure to refer to your text to help you identify SMARTER goal setting methods. Submit a minimum of three excerpts from your journal entries.
  • Part 3: Conclusion/Essential takeaways: What key insights did you develop? What is the most significant thing you learned from the experience of self-assessment and behavioral change and how is this relevant to our discussion of stress management? (Connect to course materials and discussion)

Reflective Paper Rubric (20 Points) 
The following criteria will be considered when evaluating your interview summary

_____/12 Substance Substance refers to how you discuss the three components of the assignment: (1) course learning and assessment results; (2) target behaviors, rationale, findings and journal excerpts; (3) key insights/most significant areas of learning and relevance to stress management. Substance includes the comprehensiveness and depth of the discussion, and integration of course materials and reading related to stress management.
_____/1 Organization Organization includes use of headings, the definition of unfamiliar terms, a logical progression of ideas, appropriate transitions, and paragraph structure. Please use a heading (name/date/course/instructor) for your paper and each of the three sections (title of each section).
_____/7 Style An assignment will receive more weight if it is well organized (edited), well written, and/or creatively presented. Remember to use the Writing center or Smarthinking for editing support! Submit your paper as .doc or .pdf file via Canvas/ Week 5 Course materials/assignments
Paper is 6–8 pages in length (No more than 6-8 pages), uses APA style, is double-spaced, uses 12-pt Times Roman font, has one-inch top, bottom, left, and right margins.  Be sure to include a cover page and a reference page and to cite any materials used.

_______/ 20 Total


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