Psychology homework help

1)  Read the following article:  Pearson, G. (2009). The researcher as hooligan: where ‘participant’observation means breaking the law. International Journal of Social Research Methodology12(3), 243-255.
2)  Write a one paragraph critique of the article, addressing the following questions:  Would you engage in illegal behavior in the name of science?  Can you think of any situation where the knowledge learned would justify the behavior?
3)  Choose a social scene that is familiar to you but that is not familiar to most others, such as an unusual hobby, job, or sport; an ethnic celebration that is not widely known among outsiders; or a localized event or tradition.

  1. a)  What aspects of this scene would be hard for outsiders to understand?
  2. b)  What behaviors distinguish insiders from outsiders?
  3. c)  What would a participant observer have to know or learn in order for you to consider them to be a participant?
  4. d) Does this group engage in any illegal behavior?
  5. e)  Would you have to engage in illegal behavior in order to “fit in”?



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