Psychology homework help

Discussion 1
watch the brief Connect video “Role Playing: The Power of the Situation.” In your initial post, address the following:

  • Describe your own reaction to this experiment and to watching the video.
  • How did the mere playing of a role transform the participants into believing they were actually within that role?
  • Do you believe the experiment was conducted in an ethical manner? Why or why not?

NEXT In responding to the student posts, compare their reactions to the experiment and video to your own reaction. Offer any insight you have in relation to the experiment (and the ethics involved in it) and how your attitude may have been altered after reading their posts. Keep in mind that students within this class will have varying attitudes and beliefs from your own. It is okay to disagree, but it must be done in a respectful manner.
Tedra post
I’ve been learning about the Stanford Prison Experiment in several of my classes and I’ve even watched the 2015 movie dramatizing the experiment. Each time I hear about it, I’ve learned more about the way our minds work so I become less surprised. When I first started learning about his experiment I was absolutely shocked. I couldn’t understand how someone could treat the next person so horribly until this class. This experiment shows how situational influences can cause people to go against their morals because the roles or situation calls for the change. These role changes caused a “growing confusion between reality and illusion between role-playing and self-identity (Myers & Twenge, 2019). I don’t think this experiment was ethical at all. The prisoners were abused and had their rights taken away. They were not aware of how extreme this was going to get. I should have been shut down as soon as things got abusive.
Linda post
My reaction to this experiment is confusion, the reason being is that this is an experiment and the participants knew this before they started playing the roles of prison guards and inmates.  I believe their role playing and being in a place that resembled and looked like the prison made the participants transform into their roles, because the more their behaviors changed from being the participant and friends it made their attitudes change toward each other and more identify to the roles they were given.  Even though the participants were following orders from the researchers, they began to be influenced by their environment, the psychologist mentioned that several ethical rules were broken due to psychological and physical abuse and they had to stop the experiment early.
Discussion 3
As people often say, “Cash is king!” Cash flow is an important indicator of a company’s financial health and a value driver. Effective cash flow management enables companies to have the most important resource on hand to meet daily needs, while preventing financial stress and potential failure.
Locate financial statements for a company of your choice and review the cash flow statement. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What insights does the cash flow statement provide about the company’s performance, in relation to other financial statements? Cite your data source.


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