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From your textbook and any other readings on sexual development, briefly discuss both biological and social contributions to the development of sexual identity and development.  Be sure your discussion includes both biological and social aspects of development across the lifespan.  Include  both same-sex and opposite sex identities in your discussion.
Then, provide at least one scripture that supports or forbids same-sex behavior.  It is important to distinguish between attraction and behavior in this part of the discussion.  Do you believe it is a sin to be attracted (tempted) to a person of the same-sex?  Do you believe it is a sin to act on that temptation by practicing homosexual behavior?  Do you believe the attraction is a product of “ nature” (biological) or “nurture” (social) or both?
Note, do not simply discuss what you “think” or “feel”.  Rather give valid bases for your answers.  These can include both scripture and scientific bases.  Just be sure to think critically regarding your sources and the application to your position.
Briefly discuss the similarities and differences between Kohlberg’s and Fowler’s stages of moral development.  You may need to go outside your textbook for more information (be sure to cite your sources and include the full reference at the bottom).  Do you believe moral development can be explained in stages such as these?  If so, why?  If not, offer an alternative explanation to moral development across the lifespan.
Briefly discuss each of the four Adult Attachment Styles in your textbook (see table 14.1 in Sigelman & Rider 2018, 9th ed.).  You could also use additional sources to consider infant as well as adult attachment styles.  Which one do you think would be fit you and why?  If you prefer not to use yourself as an example, choose any one of the styles and give a hypothetical example of how that interaction might look in “real life”.
Every person is like every other person.
Every person is like some other person.
Every person is like no other person.
(Adapted from Kluckhohn & Murray, 1948, p. 35)
Take a few moments to consider this poem.  Based on what you have learned in the study of human development across the lifespan, and especially focusing on parenting styles and family issues, how would you apply the three sentiments in the poem to young adult and adult development?  In what ways are each of these lines true of all humans?  How might we use and understanding of these ideas to both improve the development of humans (e.g. child development programs, parent training, etc.), as well as to understand why people are the way they are?  What might this teach us about perspectives of others in regards to race, personality, behaviors, and other differences from a human development perspective?
Review Kubler-Ross’s stages of dying.  How might these same or similar stages be experienced by grieving loved ones after a person’s death?  Do you think grief can be understood in the context of “stages”?  Why or why not?
How would you use your understanding of lifespan development issues to help comfort those who have lost loved ones, or someone who is nearing death?
Include in your discussion how a view of God and eternity might affect how a person grieves, including different views of hope and hopelessness.
Identify one or more primary concepts of development from this course that you believe could most contribute to your development in your career, parenting, self-awareness, and/or life goals.  In what ways might you use the concepts you have learned in this course to help others with their life goals or struggles?  In other words, what have you learned from this course, and how will you apply it to your life and career?
(Note – this Db does NOT require replies to other students and will be graded only on the initial content.  Replies to other student are encouraged, however.  It also does not require the use of sources, however if you do reference specific information from a source, it should be cited,)


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