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For this final assignment, apply what you have learned in this course to complete the Case Study Treatment Plan media presentation, using the client information you developed for your Week 3 assignment. You will complete each section of the treatment plan, following the directions provided for each section.
You will be required to:

  • Update the first sections of the treatment plan you completed in the Week 3 assignment, based on your instructor’s feedback. They are:
    • Biopsychosocial Information for Case Conceptualization.
    • Genogram.
    • Ecomap.
    • Legal and Ethical Considerations.
    • Annotated Bibliography .
  • Determine an appropriate DSM-5 diagnoses.
  • Develop a minimum of three appropriate long-term goals.
  • Develop a minimum of two short-term goals for each identified long-term goal (a total of six or more).
  • Choose two counseling theories and compare and contrast the application of these theories to the client’s treatment.
  • Develop interventions supported by the literature based on the counseling theories chosen.
    • Develop two individual counseling interventions. Be sure to ground a minimum of one of these interventions in play therapy.
    • Develop two family counseling interventions. Be sure to ground a minimum of one of these interventions in play therapy.
    • Develop two group counseling interventions. Be sure to ground a minimum of one of these interventions in play therapy.

Be sure to support your work with a minimum of eight recent (5 years or newer) peer-reviewed journal articles in addition to other academic resources (DSM-5, APA code of ethics, et cetera). Also, communicate in a manner that is scholarly and professional, adheres to current APA standards, and is consistent with expectations for members of the counseling professions.

Additional Requirements

As you complete your assignment, be sure to:

  • Write coherently to support your work with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of counseling professional.
  • Correctly apply current APA Style and Format
  • Cite only recent (published within the last 5 years), relevant academic literature to support your work.

Hallie is an eleven year old white female in the 5th grade. She typically arrives at school very early and stays very late, spending the extra time studying for her classes. Her mood has changed substantially at school recently, going from appearing happy and enthusiastic, to appearing depressed, tired, and uninterested. Hallie is displaying a noticeable weight loss causing teachers to be concerned. When a teacher asked Hallie how things were going she began to cry and said that her mother was drinking and staying away from home a lot. Hallie visits her dad every other weekend. He has recently become engaged to be married to a woman and they are expecting a baby.

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