Psychology homework help

  1. Dr. Lee Skallerup did something that many professors fear: She turned her curriculum over to her students to create the “peer-driven classroom.” In her College Ready Writing blog series, Skallerup candidly explores her fears about this instructional shift, as well as her students’ responses.

Read one of the peer-driven installments and answer the following questions:

  1. What issues with communication climate do you identify as Skallerup describes her class’s adjustment to the peer-driven classroom? Cite the chapter to support your response.
  2. Describe three confirming and disconfirming messages that a professor could offer to students when they are radically altering class structure (even when they genuinely believe it is to the students’ benefit).
  3. Describe three confirming and disconfirming messages that students could offer when professors make this type of change.

Please, write 100 words at lease for each question and comment two classmates’ response.


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