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Prepare a typed single-spaced (12 point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins) 1-2-page summary (TWO PAGES ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM-may be bullet pointed) the following questions :
ONLY PROVIDE ANSWERS FROM ATTACHMENTS DOWN BELOW. Read the attachements THEN answer questions .
1) General Environment analysis: What are the most important 1-2 general environment factors to be considered for the INDUSTRY and what is their effect (positive-negative-neutral)? What is your evidence for the importance of these factors?
2) FIVE FORCES analysis: What are the most important 1-2 of the five industry forces affecting the INDUSTRY and what is their effect (high-moderate-low)? What are the 1-2 factors that evidence the importance of these forces? Is the industry attractive for new entrants AND for incumbents? Why?
3) STRATEGIC GROUP: List TWO major strategic group competitors and briefly predict the significant future action(s) of EACH competitor. What is your evidence for their importance?
4) VALUE CHAIN analysis: What are the most important 1-2 of the eight value chain areas for the company? What is your evidence for their importance? Are they superior, inferior or neutral vs. EACH of the two major competitors and why (be specific but concise)?
5) FINANCIAL/NON-FINANCIAL analysis: Discuss the most significant financial factor(s) (be specific, calculating and presenting in a three-year line chart the most important 1-2 ratios in the profitability, leverage and/or activity areas compared to your two strategic group competitors or the industry) and non-financial factor(s) (leadership, culture, ethics/social responsibility) for the company? What is your evidence for their importance?
6) INTEGRATED SWOT analysis: INTEGRATE the SWOT analysis: discuss how one major strength pursues one opportunity and limits one threat and how one major weakness limits one opportunity and enhances one threat.
7) SCA(VRIN) analysis: Using your analysis above, briefly state what you believe to be the company’s 1-2 major capabilities or core competencies (if any) and assess their ability to create a sustainable competitive advantage by explaining EACH of the four VRIN criteria for EACHcompetency. Be sure to state the results of your VRIN analysis (i.e. competitive disadvantage, competitive parity, temporary competitive advantage or sustainable competitive advantage).
8) CURRENT STRATEGY analysis: In light of your analysis above, what are the company’s current strategy types (i.e. type of business level, corporate level, cooperative and international strategies the company is pursuing)? What is your evidence from your analysis above for this assessment?
9) RECOMMENDATION/IMPLEMENTATION: Briefly, based on your above analysis, what is the firm’s main problem and what is your suggested solution? Which 1-2 7S implementation factors are most important? Why?
10) QUESTIONS: Finally, based on your analysis, create two questions for our class discussion.
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