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Course Name:                   International Transport
Format:                Assignment should be completed using a computer and with proper MLA citing as indicated on the subject outline.
Assuming you are working for Toronto International Freight Forwarder located at 1234 American Drive, Mississauga, Ont. L4V 2V3  and you have the following 3 shipments that you would like to consolidate and ship to your overseas agent-European Freight Forwarder located at 345 Queen St, London, UK L5M 2V3 via port of Montreal to London before end of August. INCOTERM used is CIP London.
Commodity: Auto brake part
Pieces: 60
Weight: 450 KGM/crate
Dim: 47”x44”x50” each crate
Special loading instructions: keep upright
Commodity: wine glass
Pieces: 48 skids
Weight: 100 KGM/Skid
Dim: 59”x29”x38” / skid
Special loading instructions: Fragile, keep upright, top-load only
Commodity: Plush polar bears
Pieces: 108 cartons loose
Weight: 5 KGM/carton
Dim: 30”x26”x25” /carton
Special Loading Instructions: keep upright, top-load only, max stack of 4 cartons high.
Based on information provided, answer below questions:

  1. Determine how many and types of containers are needed in a most economical way, how they are being loaded per each container. (10 marks)
  2. Show the breakdown including calculations if there is any to support your answers to question 1 ( 10 marks)
  3. Complete an ocean bill of lading for this consolidation cargo (10 marks).



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