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In the reference of the mentioned video about How great leaders inspire. I observed that Simon Sinek explained How leaders are different from common people, how they communicate with the audience how they make themselves exceptional from others. This difference outstands every leader apart from the crowd. The ability to think, act, and communicate inversely is the key. They think absolutely different from others, they act differently from others, and they communicate differently.

According to Simon Sinek, the Golden circle is the structure of their success as everyone around them follow it outside in, and leaders follow it inside out. The golden circle communicates with the 3 components applicable to everyone. These components to communicate are WHY they do, HOW they do, and WHAT they do. In terms of organization – Why are they in existence apart from earning? Why they exist? The purpose of their existence and their beliefs about the world connects them directly with the audience who believes the same. Everyone follows the structure for communications as What, How, Why, but leaders follow it inversely as Why, How, What, and it turns inspiring. The main objective is not to hire jobless people. The goal is to hire people who believe what an organization believes. The goal is not to do business with anybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who have faith in what you believe. The most common reason for the company’s failure are Undercapitalization, Hiring the wrong people, and unfavorable market conditions.

Example: Apple – They had everything in common with their competitors’ market, media, audience, and other factors. They got apart from the competition with just their communication. They targeted an audience who believe what the company believes. Then they inform the audience about how they do it and later what they do.

Wright brothers and Dr. Martin Luther King. They believed and connected to the audience who believe in what they believed.

Whereas Tivo, a successful company, crashed down by the competitors because they fail to communicate with the audience. They opt for the structure outside in What Tivo do, How Tivo do and Why Tivo does.


In my view, Leaders are who make their own way apart from the crowd. They do the same thing as everyone does, but they do it differently. They make people believe in them. They make people believe in their beliefs. I observed that Leadership is all about motivation, Coordination, belief, and change.


Reference – https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action/transcript



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