Operations Management homework help

Please provide fully supported answers to the following questions. Please provide fully supported answers to the following questions. This may seem like the same instruction repeated twice, and it is. Fully developed is at least two paragraphs that present, develop and support your answer.
Edit this file and save as lastname_quality_homework.pdf and upload to Moodle.
1. Correct file name (1 point)
2. Correct file type (1 point)
3. Submission by Wed at midnight (1 point)
Note: People, read the #$%@ instructions!
Extra Credit Research Question: (+1pt)
#$%@ or similar special characters are used in cartoons and other media to represent “salty” language.
a. What is this this amalgamation of typographical characters called?
b. What Google search string did you use to answer this question?
Homework Questions
1. Are Multiple Choice questions too simple?
a. Yes
2. Trick question number 1, name one business like show business
3. A question from an Opticians final exam, what do you think are the major causes of short sightedness?
a. Now
b. …and now
c. …and now
d. …and now
4. How do you define ‘Quality’? (5 points)
5. Do all of the dimensions of quality have equal weight? Why or why not? (5 points)
6. “Outstanding quality requires quality leadership from senior management, a customer focus, and continuous improvement based on rigorous analysis of processes”. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? (5 points)
7. Create a cause and effect diagram with the factors that could contribute to an unsuccessful drone delivery/flight. Include at least six (6) branches, and at least three (3) elements on each branch. Be sure to name the branch (category) of potential factors. Replace the sample below with your diagram. (7 pts)
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