Nursing homework help

Please write formally and Harvard references
Topic- sexual health and well-being
Using the Driscoll’s model of reflection.
Step 1: What?  Task: Describe Your learning experience (approx. 400words)
Step 2: So What?  Task: Describe why this experience was significant to you as a student nurse (approx. 850words
Step 3: Now What? Task: Describe next steps – what do you want to do with this new knowledge, where might it take you? (approx. 400words)
Action plan  Task: How will you implement the next steps? – what do you practically need to do now to accomplish step 3?  (approx. 400words)

 1: Define your end goal  Be clear about what you want to achieve, then write down your goal, make sure that it is

  • Specific – well-defined and clear
  • Measurable – include measurable indicators to track      progress  
  • Attainable – realistic and achievable within the resources,      time, money, experience, etc. you have
  • Relevant – align with your other goals 
  • Timely – has a finishing date 

 2: Prioritise tasks and add deadlines: Decide what steps you need to take, what order they need to be in and what resources you will need.

 3: Monitor, evaluate and update: How will you check your progress?

You can use some of these articles belolw. Only use uk sources.


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