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You mention the ways of searching and importance of finding peer reviewed, scholarly articles.  How do you best determine what search engines to use to find these articles?  Is a good way to search?  Why or why not?
Searching for evidence that can improve nursing outcomes
Improving nursing outcomes is essential in nursing practice. Setting up the levels of care provision helps in improving the quality of nursing care delivered and patient’s outcomes. Nursing outcomes, however, can be enhanced through theoretical viewpoints. The theoretical approach can offer adequate information that nurses require to enhance their practice skills and knowledge. Searching for evidence is often not easy; it is quite a challenging task that requires good skill sets. I will search for articles that are up to date and peer-reviewed. However, the most critical aspect is to ensure that the article has adequate information that can be used to enhance nursing practice decisions and skill set. The chosen article explains how nurses can incorporate evidence into a newly designed unit to improve patient’s outcomes.
Concerning evidence integration, the article elaborates the need to incorporate well-understood ideas form research into practice. In aspects of nursing, education and science, the impact of evidence-based practices (EBP) resonated. The call for improved care and clinical improvement based on evidence underscores the need for safe, healthy and productive care redesign. In line with the numerous guidelines of national experts, initiatives have been implemented which maximize significant contributions which the caregiver should, should and will make in order to fulfil the EBP commitments fully. These initiatives include the introduction of realistic programs and curricula for training and reform, the theoretical models and innovations and the creation of a national research improvement network for research in new areas of technology and science.
The chosen article was prepared by Tafelmeyer, Wicks, Brant, & Smith (2017). It is a recent article that approves the integration of evidence into clinical nursing practice. The article targets nurses who are situated in newly built nursing departments. However, it can be generalized under nursing practice as its information addresses all aspects of nursing practice. It expresses its point clearly and concisely through which all nurses can well understand and object to implement into their actual nursing practice. Sources used to cite the article appear very credible and citable. When sharing evidence, I can think of creating posters, presentations and paper distributions. I can put up stickers like reminders that I can put on the work fridge, on walls containing information and reminders as to what nurses are supposed to implement but in a concise manner.
Moreover, I can prepare presentations and give them in the form of fliers and magazines that individuals can read in their own free time. Besides, I can choose to share the information on social media where most of my colleagues are found. I can also create a website where all required information on improving nursing outcomes can be found and also where my colleagues can also post as well as retrieve necessary documents. Finally, I can seize an opportunity during nurse team meetings to present my ideas on how to enhance nursing practice for better and improved patient outcomes.


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