Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

To prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources, including this week’s media presentation, focusing on the elements of a SWOT analysis.
  • Think about your Strategic Plan and the data sources you could analyze to conduct a SWOT analysis at your selected location.
  • Reflect on who else, besides yourself, should be involved in conducting the SWOT analysis related to the identified strategic plan issue.
  • Consider how values and experiences may influence perceptions related to SWOT analysis. Think about the specific group or organization that is the focus of your Strategic Plan. How would conducting a SWOT analysis in this setting versus another affect the investigation? How would the involvement of certain individuals—and the lack of involvement by others—affect the analysis?

Post an explanation of your plan for conducting a SWOT analysis as part of your Strategic Plan, including data sources that could be used. Explain how the setting and individuals conducting the analysis might influence the process and results of the SWOT analysis.

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Nursing homework help


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