Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help
13219 – 2 pages within 15 hrs Instructions attached
Format: APA
Pages: 2 pages ( 550 words, Double spaced
Number of sources: 2
Academic level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)
Subject or discipline: Biology (and other Life Sciences)
Title: Case Study: Foodborne Illness from Home-Prepared Fermented Tofu choice
Paper instructions:
A 550 word essay using the two attached images to answer 6 questions:
BACKGROUND: In early November, LeNa, a 67-year-old Asian-American woman, made a fermented tofu at home using a traditional recipe she learned in Taiwan. She started with commercially packaged tofu purchased at a retail market. She boiled the tofu, which kills bacterial cells quickly but not endospores. The tofu was towel dried and cut it into cubes. The cubes were placed in a bowl, covered with plastic wrap, and stored at room temperature for about 2 weeks. The tofu was then transferred to glass jars with chili powder, salt, white cooking wine, vegetable oil, and chicken bouillon to marinate at room temperature for several more days. The fermented tofu was stored at room temperature before being eaten. LeNa and her 75-year-old husband ate the fermented tofu for several days; however, LeNa ate more than her husband.
After several days, LeNa began to suffer from double vision. Six days later, when she visited her doctor, he noticed additional facial paralysis (Figure a). LeNa also complained of dizziness, drooling, and difficulty swallowing. Further examination indicated sluggish tongue movement, slurred speech, and weakness in her right arm. LeNa’s husband reported 3 days of worsening double vision, dizziness, and difficulty swallowing. On physical examination, he also had sluggish tongue movement.
a. ( attached)
Photographs show eye squeezing movements and nasolabial folds of an old female patient underwent total parotidectomy and supraomohyoid lymph node dissection for adenocarcinoma of the right patroid gland.
1. Describe the paralysis seen in the photos.
IMAGE B: Cultures of stool specimens revealed Clostridium botulinum (Figure b). The same pathogen was found in the fermented tofu samples, which had a pH of 6.8. Environmental conditions that facilitate endospore germination and growth of C. botulinum include a pH greater than 4.6, anaerobic conditions, low salt or sugar content, and temperatures above 4°C (39.2°F).
2. Which cells would have survived in the tofu after boiling?
3. Name the disease that is affecting this couple.
4. What are the early signs and symptoms of the disease?
5. In general, how is this disease normally prevented?


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