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Agenda comparation
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Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health
NURS 6050
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Agenda Comparison Grid and Fact Sheet or Talking Points Brief Assignment Template for Part 1 and Part 2
Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid
Use this Agenda Comparison Grid to document information about the population health/healthcare issue your selected and the presidential agendas. By completing this grid, you will develop a more in depth understanding of your selected issue and how you might position it politically based on the presidential agendas.
You will use the information in the Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid to complete the remaining Part 2 and Part 3 of your Assignment.
Part 2: Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis
Using the information you recorded in Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid, complete the following to document information about the population health/healthcare issue your selected
Narrative with the Facts
It is time for the legislatures to be alert on the reducing commitment of USA on the global health security. Improving global healthcare by offering an affordable, transparent and efficient health is vital to the global population. Lack of essential prevention and detection systems to be used in preventing and response enhances the outbreak of the infectious diseases (Farrer et al 2015). Arguably, a serious connection should be set by the legislature, advocating for the connection between policy and budget priorities, coordination and leadership on health security. This will ensure that there’s adequate financing of health security operations and preparedness, which enhances effective response to the outbreak. The untimely outbreak of a disease could be costly and drug resistant leading to loss of more lives. Therefore I appeal to the legislative for of the government to ensure that the global health security policies are strong and secure because disease threat anywhere is a threat everywhere.
As the nurse, one is required to advocate for advancement in public health and equity in health by targeting social determinants more so on the on the behalf of the disadvantaged and the poor (Carey & Crammond, 2015). The advocacy can be achieved by considering evidence based policies that links improvement of social and health conditions. Nurses should also engage in multi-sectorial partnership and adopting security health policies in addressing concern on health needs.
Developments on health security policy are vital in improving preparedness in terms of making resources available for future outbreak response. Therefor USA should collaborate with other nations and initiatives to establish research health security agenda with an aim of elucidating the perspective of the community on actions which focuses health needs. Nursing organizations should also be brought on board in implementation of the agenda where they can help in shaping the health security policy.
Magnan, S. (2017) Global health policy 101 for health care. Discussion paper, Washington, DC: National Academy of Medicine
Carey, G., & Crammond, B. (2015). Action on the social determinants of health: Views from inside the policy process. Social Science & Medicine, 128, 134-141. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2015.01.024
Farrer, L., Marinetti, C., Cavaco, Y.L., & Costongs, C. (2015). Advocacy for health equity: A synthesis review. The Millbank Quarterly, 93(2), 392-437. doi:10.1111/1468-0009.12112

Nursing homework help


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