Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

Public Service Announcement Project Assignment
For the final project, you must work to create a series of three Public Service Announcements
(PSA) that are on the same health topic. You may select any health topic that is of personal
interest. You must use theory in order to guide the creation of your PSAs. Each PSA must utilize
a different theory. You may choose what format your PSAs take (i.e. they can be videos, images,
brochures, pamphlets, etc.). Then, you will conduct a 10-12-minute-long presentation that
discusses the process that you used in order to construct the PSA.
PSA Guidelines:

All PSAs should be on the same health topic.

Each PSA must use a separate theory.

Specific constructs of theories must be represented within PSAs.

Select a specific population (audience) to target with your PSAs.
Presentation Guidelines:

Explain what the health issue is.

Explain why the health issue is important to address, what the consequences of the health
issue are, and its relevance to your intended audience.

Explain the health communication theory/ies you used to inform each PSAs and how they
were useful in guiding the creation process.

Explain how you created your PSAs.

Show your PSAs at some point during the presentation (does not count toward time)

Have an introduction and conclusion

Cite at least 5 sources out loud in the presentation

Have a PowerPoint/visual ai

Nursing homework help


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