Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.  
Practicum–Week 1 Journal Entry
PRAC-W1 Jounal entry –
The theory of choice for Nursing for the Practicum experience is the Health promotion model by Nola J. Pender. This theory is interesting since it shares ideas with many other theories in support of the essence of effective interaction between nurses and patients. Some of the theories that share the same idea include; Margaret A. Newman’s theory of ‘Health as Expanding Consciousness,’ Rosemarie Rizzo Parse, ‘Human Becoming Theory,’ and Barker’s Tidal Model of Mental Health Recovery. This theory highlights the role of a patient’s environment in determining health development. The Health promotion model is considered vital in establishing a good relationship between the nurses and the patient. This theory promotes care and support to the patients depending on their environment and hence helps to improve health by changing mind-set. More focus has been given to individual characteristics and behavioral adaptations (Wayne, 2020). This theory suggests that patients respond differently to their environment while pursuing health.
For the Practicum experience, the counseling theory of preference is the behavioral theory. The decision to use this theory is based on the fact that it is the most dominant approach to behavioral therapy, multimodal therapy, and conjoint sex therapy (McAdams,2020). This theory establishes the fact that toxic thinking and behaviors only thrive in environments that support these problems. Understanding this theory helps to promote better psychotherapeutic approaches when dealing with patients and during their recovery. The theory suggests that nurses and behavioral counselors can quickly assist in the process of recovery if they replace the toxic environment with a more conducive environment. The application of the theory can help to change the environment of patients and improve their health during treatment.
Goals and Objectives
My goals are to administer quality care to patients, incorporate my understanding of patient psychotherapy in helping them to heal. Moreover, I intend to develop my general understanding of the patients to the environment. I purpose to implement the use of technology more often to help care for the patients. Furthermore, it will be vital to do more research on the behavioral impact created by the environment of a patient and use medical resources effectively. The timeline for the practicum activities could take two weeks, considering the number of hours allocated for observing.
McAdams, C. (2020). Counseling Theories and Approaches. William And Mary School Of Education.
Wayne, G. (2020). Nursing Theories and Theorists: An Ultimate Guide for Nurses. Retrieved 2 June 2020, from

Nursing homework help


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