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You will want to delete ALL the blue text in this outline and replace it with information specific to your topic. Please use in-text APA citations throughout your outline. Show me what sources you’re using in your paper and whereyou’re using them. Your outline should be detailed; writing your rough draft from your outline should be easy.
I.  Introduction–
a.  Point 1: Introduce the topic with background information and define terminology. Go from broad to specific. Think of your introduction as an upside-down triangle.
b.  Point 2: Get more specific here.
c.  Point 3: Get even MORE specific here.
d.  Thesis statement: Your final sentence should mention that the paper will discuss ethical arguments surrounding your topic.
II.  Body Paragraph 1 – Technical aspects of your topic—
a.  Topic Sentence: Your topic sentence goes here. In this paragraph, you will talk about what we need to know in order to understand your topic.  Your audience needs to know the “what” before you talk about ethical arguments. For example, I can’t properly argue that we need more PPE masks to fight COVID-19 if I don’t first tell my audience what PPE is and what COVID-19 is.
b.  Additional detail 1: ________________________________________
c.  Additional detail 2:________________________________________
d.  Additional detail 3:________________________________________
III.  Body Paragraph 2 – Description of public policy debates surrounding your topic—
a.  Topic Sentence: Your topic sentence goes here. In this paragraph, you’ll give additional background/history of the topic—what laws exist? Are there monumental cases? You want to set up the debate. If I want to argue that additional money needs to be allocated for PPE, I need to let my audience know why there isn’t enough PPE in the first place. What laws or policy decisions led to the place we’re currently in? What are some monumental cases (for example, Brittany Maynard for PAS or Roe v. Wade for abortion).
b.  Additional detail 1:________________________________________
c.  Additional detail 2:________________________________________
d.  Additional detail 3:________________________________________
IV.  Body Paragraph 3 – Why is ___ Ethical?
a.  Topic Sentence: What is one “side” of the debate? Make sure that you’re making ethical arguments here. Instead of “reporting” what one side believes, I want you to make the argument. You’ll be saying something like “PAS is considered ethical because of A, B, and C.”
b.  Supporting detail: Here you’ll explain your first reasons why your issue is ethical. For every supporting detail, you’ll want to have a fact taken from a source. For example, if I am arguing that PAS is ethical because it supports the principle of autonomy, I want to bring in a source that talks about autonomy. I want to cite that source here (author, date).
c.  Explanation of supporting detail #1: After that, you will have a sentence or two that explains the connects the “source” or “fact” back to your topic sentence. Let’s say that your first supporting detail was that X% of people file for bankruptcy each year. You have to tell me how that connects to your argument that health care access should be expanded. Is it unethical that X% of people go bankrupt for something out of their control? If so, you want to state that.
d.  Supporting detail 2: Repeat the above supporting detail #2.
e.  Explanation of supporting detail #2: Repeat the above supporting detail #2.
f.  Supporting detail 3: Repeat the above supporting detail #3.
g.  Explanation of supporting detail #3: Repeat the above supporting detail #3.
V.  Body Paragraph 4 – The Other Side
a.  Topic Sentence: Write your topic sentence here. In this paragraph, you will outline the points made by the “other side” and tell me why their thinking is wrong.
b.  Supporting detail 1: What is one reason why people think about ___ differently? For example, maybe their religious views tell them that PAS is unethical. Explain that point and cite your source.
c.  Refute supporting detail #1: After that, tell me what YOUR side would say about that. Why is this thinking incorrect, incomplete, or flat out wrong? For example, you might talk about how religious views should be respected, but s unethical to based laws on one groups religious beliefs. You might use a citation here as well.
d.  Supporting detail 2: Give me another premise used by the other side. Citation, please!
e.  Refute of supporting detail #2: Refute it.
f.  Supporting detail 3: Give me another premise used by the other side.
g.  Refute supporting detail #3: Refute it.
VI.  Opinion and Conclusion
a.  Restate your thesis: Give me a one sentence recap. What was this paper about?
b.  Statement of Opinion (don’t use “I”/first person). Here you will reiterate what the most ethical position is.
c.  Give me a brief summary of why this is the case 2-3 sentences here. You might want to consider rephrasing the reasons why ___ is ethical and the reasons why the other side is wrong.
d.  Concluding sentence/statement Give me a one sentence, final take away.
Author’s Last Name, First initial. Middle initial. (Year). Title of article. Journal Title, Volume Number(Issue number), Page numbers.
WCU. (2020). Week #: Scenario Title. In PHIL 434: Medical Ethics and Issues: Spring 2020 [Video]. Retrieved from
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