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Case study
As a nurse you need to know the client right and how to implement them when providing care. which include the right to respectful, considerate, and competent care. To participate fully in the decision-making process. To accept, refuse, or request modification of the plan of care.
Nurse: hey how are you doing today?
patient: the pain is unbearable. I can’t hold this anymore
Nurse: will you like some pain medication?
patient: yes but no more chemotherapy is too much for me
Nurse: yes, I spoke with your doctor and he told me how you feel
Patient daughter: Can I speak to you outside pleas
Nurse: yes. I’m going to get your pain meds and talk with your daughter
Patient: Ok
Patient daughter: My mother doesn’t know what she is saying we need to continue with her chemotherapy
What is your response to the daughter in the scenario? Write your response as if you were speaking to the daughter directly. Next, explain the reasoning behind your response.
· Your paper should be 2 pages.
· You are required to use and cite at least one academic source.
· Use current APA Style.
· Include a title page and a reference page listing the source(s) you used.
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