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You will all be provided with a TOPIC, which takes the form of a common manufactured product. You must research your particular product and write a report about how it is made. This involves “dissecting” the product and analyzing each component part. You mustname/describethesequence of processes that went into thecreation of each part (starting from metal ingot, ceramiclumps, and/or plastic granules). Any joining methods used to assemble the parts must be included.Surface treatments (plating,coating,painting, anodizing etc., are NOT included). Your report must be between 10 and 15 pages in length. Report must be in MSWord and submitted as a .docx file. Use 8-1/2’x11″ paper (electronic) and 12 point font size (1-1/2 line spacing) for general text. Margins are to be no bigger than 1″ top and bottom, and 3/4″ on the sides. The report must be a 50/50 mix of text and diagrams. The report must be individual work. The report and ideas therein must be original.
Clarification 1: DON’T INCLUDE references in your reportClarification 2: Your research is to find visual information on your topic product and all its components. IT IS NOT to find out how each part is made. You are expected to speculate, based on the class material, howyou thinkeach part is made, using visual clues and knowledge about materials involved.Clarification 3: DO NOT EXPLAIN how each process works. But you MUST EXPLAIN why you think each part was made by the process(s) you attribute to its creation.
1 -Go online and find a photo(s) of your assigned topic product OR take your own photos if you physically have the product.2 -Go online and find a PARTS DIAGRAM (hopefully, but not necessarily, an exploded view) -one that shows every part in the productOR take the product apart and take your own photos if you physically have the product. Number each part if not already numbered.3 -Create a document that includes the Product Photo(s) from Step 1 first, followed by the Parts Diagram from Step 2 next.4 -Then include a THUMBNAIL of every unique part (identified by its number in the parts diagram), and alongside include a sequence of the process names (in the correct order) involved in making that part (starting from ingot). You determine which processes are needed by visually inspecting each part and deducing the processes involved by clues (material, size,physical appearance, etc.), and comparing those clues to the knowledge base I gave you in the class lectures. Include the clues you used to make your decisions along with the sequence of process names5 -Each product topic has around 20 unique parts, each of which involves several processes -so you should have no problem filling up at least 10 pages. Remember to include parts within parts (example: the parts inside a ball-race bearing)5 -Use the formatting rules I posted already, such as margins, fonts, 50/50 text picture ratio, number of pages, file size, file name etc. Anything I didn’t specify is up to you.6 -Don’t waste space with references to online sources. i.e. Don’t include any references.Hopefully this makes things clearer -try not to bother me asking for more details/explanations -just get on with it and use your initiative.


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