Marketing homework help

create 20 profiles ranging from the age of 8 to 65?
These profiles will be examples of real people that follow the mainstream of their age group and background.
Examples:  8,11,14,16,18,21,23,26, etc
Split the genders 10/10
Potential “mainstream people”: Sports fanatic, tech student, unemployed, divorce, lost a family member, artists, teacher, not making a team, missed promotion, marketer, consultant,
Then show traits/events team management, throwing the ball, online reading, facebook groups, sleeping late, killing workouts, unmotivated, missed promotion, teaching others, tweeting/scrolling all day, making tik toks all day, leadership, resilience, time management, information overload, stress.
It is a guideline to make the profiles, please use creativity and try to make accurate stereotypes. Use about 6 traits/events per profile/ make sure each profile answers thes 6 topics (Not pain and gain)
This can be done on googledoc and use horizontal lines to split each profile. Let me know if you need a clarification. Thank you for the big help!
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