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Your task is to choose one author from the reading list and tell me what you have learned after reading the material. You may do a short summary if you wish, but it is unnecessary; just be very clear with your referenced material. (ie: I have chosen to talk about ___’s article “ ___”.)
The reflection for this class can use various mediums to demonstrate your understanding: written document, video recording, podcast, interview format or image reflection. Written communication is a minimum of one page and oral and visual communication is a minimum of two minutes. If you wish to take another direction, please contact me prior to beginning your reflection to ensure you stay on topic. The due date is listed on your syllabus near the end of the semester.
Ensure that you connect some concepts to your own personal experiences/examples and demonstrate what you have learned.
Your work shall be marked on: critical thinking, detailed connections to the author’s ideas, in-depth demonstration of personal links to the theory, proper formatting and covers all the necessary tasks.
please base on the article i apply to write.
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