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Who is responsible? (In this case, who’s about to get relieved?)
The familiar organization for the discussion below is the Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC).

  • Which of the generic business processes did they seem to execute? The MCRC ostensibly executes the procurement process because of the wide range of activities involved in finding and acquiring potential candidates for enlistment.
  • What organizational element was the “lead” for each one? According to Jordaan (2016), the generic procurement elements include:

– the scope (what is required or needed),
-time (when the potential applicant completes physical and enters pre-enlistment phase),
-specification (applicant’s eligibility and quality), and
-terms (terms and conditions of enlistment contract).
Therefore, the “leads” are as follows:
Scope – Headquarters Marine Corps, Manpower Management Branch. This lead is responsible for directing personnel action and implementing service plans and policies to staff and maintain the force (MARADMINS #126/14).
Time – Military Entrance Processing Station, J1 Manpower and Force Management Branch (USMEPCOM, n.d.). This lead assigns timelines and requirements to all eight MCRC units.
Specification – Each MCRC unit then establishes a matrix for the Recruiting Stations.

  • Where there any challenges between the staff elements in supporting the lead? There is a large gap between meeting expectations and fulfilling requirements. A recruiting substation may receive assignments that do not reflect the demographics of the area.
  • Who was responsible for the IT systems used in the above processes? Defense Information Systems agency (DISA) and U.S. Military Processing Command Integrated Resources System (USMIRS).

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Accordingly, in light of the readings on contextual investigation information examination, one of the essential thoughts that were generally critical on action research usage and information assortment is the distinctive information assortment techniques that can be applied. Further, action research requires change specialists, who go about as the channels for assignment and input, to take on vital duties and data to viably convey information (Zentis, 2015). Action research typically gives the researcher many different responsibilities by collecting data and providing qualitative and quantitative feedback. Despite the fact that there are numerous kinds of examination that perhaps attempted, activity research explicitly alludes to a restrained request done by an instructor with the aim that the exploration will advise and change their practices later on (Ferrance, n.d.). One of the disadvantages of individual research is that it may not be imparted to others except if the educator decides to introduce discoveries at a staff meeting, make a proper introduction at a gathering, or submit composed material to a newspaper, diary, or bulletin. Ethics within the data collection primarily provide consent, confidentiality, and integrity to the work. Focus groups are significant in action research because they function as one of the primary sources of data collection. Two analytic techniques that I would like to explore case study design and methodology and conducting research in general. A huge idea in the event that review information investigation that I discover an obstacle to understand is the spiraling idea of information assortment and how to go about it.
Ferrance, E. (n.d.). Action Research: Themes in Education. Retrieved November 27, 2016, from
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