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Please read the case study several times to familiarize yourself with the company’s situation.  Then, think about the following questions when you are analyzing the case:
1.     What are the major challenges facing Sweet Leaf?
2.     Assess the company’s internal capabilities and external operating environment.  What implications can be drawn for the marketing strategy?
3.     Perform a customer and competitive analysis for Sweet Leaf.  What implications can be drawn for the marketing strategy?
4.     Assess the profitability of the existing distribution channels.  What conclusions can you make?
By answering these questions, thoroughly, you have enough information to design a comprehensive marketing strategy for Sweet Leaf that includes a target market choice, distribution strategy and promotion plan.  Pricing and product line recommendations should also be considered.  Make sure you justify your plans with explanations, details, and external sources (qualitative and quantitative).  Use APA format for your analysis including the citations and references.
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