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1) Prepare a Branding Project on CVS Health Corporation ( )

  • Discuss the brand and how to improve it
    • Discuss what CVS should/could do to improve their brand

Paper should include:

  • Evaluation of brand awareness and brand association
    • CVS is an established company, this section requires research to find out how well known the CVS brand is among the target population; that should be discussed here as well as the       history of how this brand awareness was built up over time.
  • Brand positioning and values
    • This section will be in direct relation to what was suggested as a way to improve the brand in the “brand and how to improve it” section. Here a discussion about how CVS will position and target their market to turn them into customers will be presented as well as a discussion of what this new service/product CVS will be offering will add value to the customers’ lives.
  • Who is the target market
    • This section should be a discussion of the current Target Market of CVS and should also cover who the target market will be for this new endeavor being proposed for their brand improvement. Will the target market remain the same or does it expand? What are the implications either way?
  • Brand elements (Logos and Trademarks)
    • This section should include a review of the importance of a logo, what is the importance? What are the elements of a good logo/trademark? The section should then speak on the history of       CVS’s logo and trademark and how it has evolved overtime. What makes it work, what didn’t work for them? Why or why not? Should the logo be changed? Would there be any benefit to doing so? etc.
  • Marketing programs and communications
    • This section should be all about how CVS will market this new effort and get the word out to their customers about it. What is the marketing/communications plan? What will it entail?
  • Brand portfolio analysis
    • This section should be a review of CVS’s brand portfolio, the history and how things have evolved over time, how will it evolve once more given the proposed brand improvement.
  • Conclusion
    • Make your final recommendations, touch on important points presented in the paper that support your recommendation and summarize without introducing any new topics.
  • 15-20 pages, 1.5 spacing plus      5 pages of exhibits (15 pages Minimum)


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