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Case Study: Proposing a Data Gathering Approach at TLG Solutions (pages 171 – 175)
Read the TLG Solutions case and consider the following questions:
1. What is the client requesting, and what goal does the client have for this project?
2. What are the presenting problems?
● What do you believe may be any underlying problems?
● Which of these underlying problems is most likely? Why?
3. What data would illustrate whether these underlying problems are occurring?
● Which method of data gathering would you use and why? (Consider using the method
of analysis shown in Table 7.2.)
4. Write a proposal that explains what data you will gather through what means (interviews,
surveys, focus groups, observations, and/or unobtrusive measures). Include any
questions you might ask, observations you would undertake, and/or documents you
would want to gather.
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your data gathering choice(s)?
6. Include a rationale and proposed timeline for your approach and any details about the
data gathering method itself, including possible interview or survey questions, documents
to gather, or observations you would conduct.
7. Finally, ensure that your proposal addresses any additional contracting needs you may
have in your relationship with Greenfield.


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