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atlest 5 pages
Shi, L & Singh, DA. Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach, 7th Edition.
Refugee & Immigrant Care
(System Foundation), respective slides
–   Medicare 
– End-of-life Care 
-Current Issues 
  Long-Term Care 
Note; For reference please use all of those reference. and need more two reference
Ward, K. T., Hess, M., & Wu, S. (2019). Geriatric Assessment in Multicultural Immigrant Populations. Geriatrics4(3), 40. Accessed
CATO Institute. Accessed
Alloh, F., Hemingway, A., & Turner-Wilson, A. (2019). Systematic review of diabetes management among black African immigrants, white and South Asian populations. Journal of Global Health Reports3(Art. 2019020). Accessed


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