Management homework help

Background Information

From Workshop Three, use the annotated tools to help you analyze your results.

  • Annotated Survey
  • Annotated Interview Questions
  • Annotated Focus Group Questions

Peer review can be a way to open up new possibilities for both the creator and the reviewer. If both creator and reviewer approach the task of peer review mindfully, both can grow from it and do better work because of it. Strive to nurture a state of mindfulness and an openness to new perspectives and new information in doing your peer reviews. Then you can bring that back to your own creative work and revision. Before you submit your final presentation, you will incorporate the feedback from a peer review to sharpen and improve your project.
There are many principles of communication that are not covered in this course, simply because there is not enough time! One of those principles is the power of protocols.  For this activity, you will use a feedback protocol (a structured process that guides users) to frame your feedback.

Audit Report Draft Instructions

  1. Create a DRAFT Communication Audit Report Presentation using visual, written communication. Presentations should be between 7 to 9 slides.


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