Management homework help

This is a project which you must design. You decide what you want to do and
how you will achieve it. The main constraint is that the project must in some way
be related to making a difference via leadership. This may NOT be related to
any assignment from another course. This is a unique project for this course.
You must select a team and train them to complete the project with you.
You must submit draft of your project for approval.
Below are some examples to stimulate your creative thinking.
o Develop a Service Project
o Enlist others to complete the project under your guidance
o Provide them with training
o Have a clear plan of action
o Participate and complete the service project
Other Ideas:
o Get involved and take action within the university, community, or an
organization with a NEW effort to create a change you want to see
take place
While Completing Your Project:
o Create a video clip on leadership
o OR Take pictures and create a slide show
• A power point presentation (8-15 slides) presented live or with speaking
notes for each slide if you do not present to the class OR present your
You should include the following sections:
THE GOAL – What you intend to achieve with the project
THE PLAN – How you created and carried out the project
THE PEOPLE – Who you enlisted to work with you
THE OUTCOMES – What others learned or remember from the experience
PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT – How you grew and what you learned as a
result of this project
LEADERSHIP LESSONS – What you suggest for others to focus on if they
want to grow and improve as leaders.
This project is designed to help you assimilate the many topics, discussions, and
presentations you have engaged in during the entire semester. You should put
your best effort into this project and finish strong.
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