Management homework help

I am doing my Master of Business Administration and I have a business consulting assignment which I explain below.
Please use the APA style font 12. A maximum of FIVE (5) pages + references, double spaced must be submitted, and make sure you use course material (Business Consulting), to supplement the arguments. USE REFERENCES. In this required assignment, you should choose:
An essay on some interesting aspects of the consulting field. This could involve, for example:
_Some predictions about future developments in the industry (Business Consulting)
_Or, a new market opportunity that you’ve identified
_Or a new approach to consulting
_Or a proposal for developing better consultants
((You should write and research one of the above topics))
Develop and support this essay as if it would be published in a trade magazine on consulting!
I need this essay to be really interesting and perfect. Please choose a good topic based on my description, and do your best. Thank you.
Due Date: November 27, 2020


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