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Each group will be asked to write a paper on a publicly traded company (this provides you more access to public records) and what the company is doing in terms of Human Resources. One member of the group must email the professor with the name of the chosen company to be discussed in the paper for approval prior to commencing the assignment. Paper must be between 7-10 pages not including cover page, reference page and any exhibits, must be APA format, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman. Because this assignment will be a group project please indicate your name on the table of contents next to your work. You will be graded on both individual as well as team effort. Each group member will complete a peer review form and provide to the professor grading themselves as well as their group members.
The following outline is suggested:
Facts of the paper  Based on your research of the company and what you have learned from the course, is the organization meeting its burden when it comes to their human resource management?
Key Issues/observations – Based on your analysis of company are they succeeding or failing in terms of human resource management? What is the organization doing which sets them apart from its competitors? Is there more the organization should do?
Alternatives/Options. What other measures can the organization implement to enhance or improve their human resources?
Conclusion/Recommendations. Based on your research and what you have learned what do you recommend the organization implement.


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