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 Answer the following questions with 850 Words.
Assignment Instructions: 

  • Login to      Saudi Digital Library (SDL).
  • Search for      the journal article entitled as ‘Implementing a Holographic Organization      Design: The Case of GABO:mi’ by Jacobi, E. (2015) in South Asian      Journal of Business and Management Cases. 4 (1), 2– 13.
  • Read the      research article thoroughly alongside Chapter 12 in your textbook      and answer the questions for the assignment.
  • Besides      this research paper use other relevant material to support your answers.

Assignment Question(s):
Part 1:
· Q.1 What is a holographic organization? Describe its characteristics.
(Words 150)
· Q.2 How important is the ‘collective organizational learning’ in the development of a new organization design (i.e. the holographic design)? (Words 150)
· Q.3 Compare a holographic design to a matrix-based structure. What similar advantages could you identify for organizations implementing these structures? (Words 200)
Part 2:
· Q.4 Please refer to table 12.5 in Chapter 12 of your textbook. Then, provide an example of an organization that uses a customer-centric structure. Please justify your answer.  (Words 250)

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