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  1. Individual Exercise: Working with international Compensation/taxation Differences – 10% – Due in Week 7

For the sake of exercise students will consider Canada as their home country. Students will be selecting 1.their dream role/job   and 2. Their dream country – this would be a country that you have always wanted to move to (make sure it’s not Canada) – make sure you are converting your preferred destination currency into CAD for easy calculations; For example if your dream country is USA and you will earn 7000USD annually for your preferred job you will convert 70000USD into CAD

  • Now look at the average salary for your selected job title in both Canada and your dream country
  • Look at the tax bracket for your job title in both Canada and your preferred location (this will help you understand how much would you be taxed in both countries)
  • Calculate COLA (Cost of living) not for countries but for cities; for instance Vancouver v/s Los Angeles and so on. Do no rely on websites that give you exact figure for cost of living instantly as their data is incorrect. COLA – add any items that you think should be included in cost of living – Remember, the most concrete your item list is the better.
  • In the end calculate your Earnings after taxes and expenses – savings –
  • For your clarity I have added a table below to simplify your calculations
HR Consultant –Vancouver Canada – home country HR consultant LA, USA
Avg yearly salary Avg yearly salary
Taxes – state, fed etc., Taxes – state, fed etc.,
COLA – add any items that you think should be included in cost of living – COLA
Savings Savings


  • Conclusion: Based on your results write a conclusion as to whether or not you are moving to your dream country – strictly one paragraph not more than 3 quarters of a page.

Assessment Criteria: You will be marked based on how accurate your figures are, how thorough your analysis is and how well written and creative your conclusion is. Although, there is  no specific number of references, however, include all your sources of information that you have used to gather the numbers/figures along with hyperlinks that instructor can access.


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