Information Systems homework help

Please take a moment to share your thoughts, ideas, comments and / or questions concerning Chapter one(starting from page 21 in attached text book).
Using the 3 paragraph structure described in the announcements, please research and explain
What does this TIP from Fast Company Mean: “The job of the CIO is to Provide organization and strategic Flexibility”?
You are also required to post a response to a minimum of two other student in the class.
You must use at least one scholarly resource.
Every discussion posting must be properly APA formatted.
Text Book :  (I have softcopy if you want)
Pearlson, K., Saunders, C. Galletta, D. Managing and Using Information Systems:
A Strategic Approach, 6th Edition. Burlington, MA: Wiley, 2016.
Note :
Your discussion response will take the form of a 3 paragraph, (no more than 1 page) response  that can stand on its own right,
so you need to write in academic style, aiming at an anonymous reader who may exist in a different time or space.  EG, you need to write for someone who will read your post  50 years from now, or 5000 miles from here, or both.
Be formal and precise, because your goal is to educate that reader.
While you are writing, try to avoid obvious phrases such as “This article is about…”.  It’s an annotated bibliography.  The entire purpose is to describe what the article is about.  So don’t waste space stating the obvious.  Just jump right in to the good stuff: the stuff that the reader needs to know.


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