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  1. Playbooks, sometimes known as Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) or runbooks, are used for troubleshooting common issues. They are often created by a team of employees who are trained to manage security issues. Playbooks often include bulleted lists, step-by-step instructions, or diagrams, all of which make it easy to follow troubleshooting instructions.
    Throughout the next 4 weeks, you will develop a playbook for a fictional company that hired you to write their playbooks and manage the team. The first portion of the playbook is a response to malware at the company.
    Outline a 2- to 3-page playbook in which a malware attack of your choice occurs.
    Complete the following in your outline:

    • Provide details of the malware.
    • Identify the exploited vulnerability and its attack vector.
    • Analyze the vulnerability to determine 2 risks of this malware.
    • Outline step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the malware attack.
    • Remember, numbered or bulleted steps or guidelines make the document easy to for others to follow under potential stressful situations. Paragraphs can be used to help support the steps and guidelines.
      Note: You will use content from your Week 2 assignment as part of the Signature Assignment you will submit in Week 3
      Cite at least 2 resources to support your assignment.
      Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.
      Submit your assignment.
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